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Welcome to ASL Virtual Academy: Your Destination for Online ASL Classes

At ASL Virtual Academy, we specialize in comprehensive online American Sign Language (ASL) classes tailored for high school students, homeschoolers, and adults seeking three full years of immersive ASL instruction and foreign language credit. Since our inception in 2016, our goal has been to unlock the convenience of remote ASL learning with flexible self-paced and guided options to accommodate your individual schedule.

Our online ASL classes are crafted by expert educators to equip independent learners and educational institutions with an interactive and dynamic curriculum, promoting proficiency in both receptive and expressive signing skills. Leveraging our robust Schoology platform, we ensure that every student benefits from high-quality instruction, continuous evaluation, and clear progress tracking. Our classes are meticulously designed to align with the criteria for foreign language credit in most states and culminate with a certificate of completion, bolstering your academic journey.

Leadership in online ASL education is more than just our goal—it’s our passion. We’re dedicated to igniting and nurturing a love for sign language through a highly individualized and engaging learning experience. The enrollment process is seamless, granting new students instant access to our rich course materials and dedicated support system. For larger groups and school districts, we provide specialized instruction, complete with tailored onboarding processes to ensure seamless integration into existing curricula.

Trust is at the heart of our approach at ASL Virtual Academy. We’re more than just educators—we’re committed partners for students, parents, homeschoolers, and schools nationwide. Discover the advantages of our ASL programs on the ASL for Credit page, including our process for issuing proof of course completion for graduating seniors. Reach out to us today to explore program options and embark on your ASL learning adventure with our beginner-friendly classes.

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