How The Class Works

Want a quick overview of how the class works? Then check out this animated video.  For a closer look at the student experience, and live learning opportunities see below!

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Student Experience

From the moment you enroll to the day you finish, we’re with you every step of the way. Get started on the right foot with a live orientation with your teacher. They’ll explain the ins and outs of how to be successful in the class so you can dive right into the pre-recorded video lessons with confidence.

Lessons will have you learning ASL from day one. They’re pre-recorded so you can watch anytime, but they’re also interactive. You’ll find yourself signing along with them. You can reinforce the lessons with practice activities before you’re graded on your signing skills.

Live Learning

Learning independently on your own schedule is a great thing, but we also highly value live learning opportunities. We bring everything you learned in the lessons to life with opportunities to connect with your teacher, Deaf native signers, and other students. These live sessions are either optional, or when required, scheduled around you.


Click the images below to view a PDF of our class syllabus.

Self-Paced Classes

Learn ASL, earn credit, and do so on your terms. Our self-paced classroom allows you to progress on your schedule. Need extra time? Take it. Some lessons will come easier, and others will challenge you. Stop the stress of a class that moves too fast or slow. With our class, you’re in control!


The self-paced class does NOT have a set class start date or finish date.  This is our “open enrollment” offering.  Students can enroll at anytime throughout the year and finish at anytime throughout the year.  We do not utilize a course schedule as we do in our Guided Path class.  For example, a student may wish to start the class December 13th, and finish the class July 5th.   

The biggest benefit of this class is an ability to work ahead and finish the class faster than the standard 9 month completion timeframe.  The Guided Path classes are 9 months to completion, whereas the self-paced option affords students an opportunity to finish in 3 months, 6 months, or any timeframe comfortable to them. 

Students are highly encouraged to choose the Guided Path if they are enrolling in late summer/early fall.   The self-paced option is best for students who miss the Guided Path class enrollment window, OR, must finish the class faster than 9 months.

Guided Path Classes

The Guided Path offers a set class start date and set class finish date.  It also has a course schedule that assigns important benchmarks of the class.  You can think of it like a school calendar.  

The Guided Path provides just that, more guidance.  Guidance comes in the form of more accountability and communication from your Learning Facilitator.  The student and parent will get more frequent email communication from the Learning Facilitator related to the student’s course progress/grade.  

If you’re falling behind in the class you’ll be notified and encouraged to catch up.  We don’t formally penalize for falling behind (like receiving a zero for missing/late work), instead we offer encouragement to remain engaged and consistently working through course materials.  

There are not required class meeting times you must attend.  This path still has plenty of flexibility and a “self-paced” style to it.  We maintain the self-paced style so busy students can enroll without scheduling conflicts, but we strive to provide a more cohesive class with a very detailed path to completion. 

This option provides more teacher encouragement and oversight to improve student outcomes.  We blend the perfect mix of structure and independence into this class.  The Guided Path can really set you up for success!

Guided Path FAQ’s

The self-paced path is a great option!  However, because there is less class communication, and expectations, it can be easy to fall behind, or prioritize other classes.  We encourage all students to enroll in the Guided Path if they can.  If they can’t, the self-paced option is terrific so long as you remain consistent in working through class materials.  The curriculum is exactly the same between both options.

Yes! Remember, the class still has a big independent nature to it.  If you take vacation, or get sick, the design of the course allows you to catch back up. 

Falling behind is discouraged, but things happen and we understand that.  You will not be penalized for falling behind, but we will encourage you to catch up, and communicate this with the student’s parent/guardian so they’re kept in the loop. 

The Guided Path does not allow you to work more than one quarter ahead.  On this plan, we encourage you to not fall behind, and not work too far ahead.  We set the pace, and the expectation for what work needs to be submitted and when.  This allows you to always know exactly what you have to do.  Clear expectations improve student outcomes.

This is usually not a problem.  We try to create common start and finish dates that line up with most schools across the country.  However, it’s impossible to match all schools.   The idea is not to have an exact match, but to have this class fit very closely with the timeline of your other classes.

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