ASL For High School Credit​

Thousands of high school students have received their foreign language credit by completing our class. You can too!   Our high school courses can be taken for high school credit, dual credit (high school and college credit simultaneously), or elect not to receive credit (adult learners typically don’t need high school credit). 

High school credit is awarded by your high school. This means you have to get permission from your school prior to enrolling with us to make sure you can get credit.  If students wish to take this class for dual credit, they need to enroll in our college ASL course. 

Obtaining prior approval is as simple as presenting our course syllabus and website to your school counselor.  They might not make the final decision, but they can at least get the process started for you.  In other cases, the school counselor will make the final decision making the process even faster.

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How much credit you earn depends on your school. Each level of ASL we offer provides one academic school year worth of curriculum. So if your school awards one credit for a year long class, you should receive one credit for completing ASL 1, one credit for completing ASL 2, and one credit for completing ASL 3.

Completing ASL 1 and ASL 2 satisfies the two consecutive years of foreign language requirement that most high schools have for graduation, and most colleges have for admissions.

We also offer ASL 3!  ASL 3 is for students who really enjoy ASL, or wish to be more competitive on college applications. 

Once you are finished with the class, we will develop a certificate of completion showing details of your course grade.  This certificate is emailed to the student, parent, and school counselor.  Click here for an example of what the grade certificate looks like

ASL for college credit/dual credit

Starting in Fall 2024, we’re excited to announce high school students and adult learners can take our ASL classes for dual credit (high school students) or college credit (adult learners). Through our partnership with York University (, students can have their coursework placed on a York University college transcript. York University holds an accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, so the college transcript issued is transferable to other institutions of your choice.

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Each level of college ASL offered is equivalent to 3 hours of course credit. 

ASL 1 = 3 hours of college credit

ASL 2 = 3 hours of college credit

ASL 3 = 3 hours of college credit 

Things to know when considering our college credit courses:

  • College credit is formally issued at the official end date of the course (not before).  The self-paced nature of the course allows you to finish prior to the official end date, but credit is not issued until the official end date. To see a schedule of our college credit/dual credit courses click here.   
  • High school students seeking dual credit must still obtain prior approval from their high school to receive the high school credit, even though they’re earning college credit simultaneously.   York University will issue the college credit, the high school (with prior approval) will issue the high school credit. 
  • After enrolling in this course option with ASL Virtual Academy, all students will need to formally apply to York University.  This application process does NOT require additional fees, however, it is a requirement.  The application is fast and easy and we will guide you through the process after your enrollment into ASL Virtual Academy.  


ASL Exploratory

This course does not offer credit or a grade, but it does offer an opportunity to access our video based, structured curriculum that can start building your ASL skills today! Click here for more information about this course.

ASL Virtual Academy: A Candidate for Accreditation with Cognia

We are proud to announce that the ASL Virtual Academy is currently a Candidate for Accreditation with Cognia, encompassing NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI. This prestigious recognition demonstrates our commitment to educational excellence and our continuous efforts to meet rigorous academic standards.

Progress Towards Full Accreditation

In May 2024, we successfully completed our Candidacy Review, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards full accreditation. Our next step is the Engagement Review, which is scheduled for the summer of 2024. This process will further assess our educational practices and ensure we continue to uphold the highest standards of teaching and learning. It is our hope to have full accreditation status in 2024. This will offer students finishing our program in 2025 the opportunity to have completed their ASL class requirements with an accredited program.

Students & Schools We Work With

Since 2016, we’ve been dedicated to serving students and schools nationwide. Our program accommodates everyone from late middle school, high school, and adults—from traditional and homeschool students to both small and large schools, including public and private high schools. We are now also proudly serving students seeking college credit and adult learners looking to build their ASL skills without the need for formal credit. Look below to see some of the schools we’ve worked with.

Click on your state below to see a list of schools we’ve worked with. We are constantly adding new schools. If your school is not currently listed, it doesn't mean you can't enroll. It just means you would be the first!

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