ASL For Credit​

Thousands of high school students have received their foreign language credit by completing our class. You can too! Credit is awarded by your high school. This means you have to get permission from your school prior to enrolling with us to make sure you can get credit.

How much credit you earn depends on your school. Each level of ASL we offer provides one academic school year worth of curriculum. So if your school awards one credit for a year long class, you should receive one credit for completing ASL 1, and 1 credit for ASL 2.

Completing ASL 1 and ASL 2 satisfies the two consecutive years of foreign language requirement that most high schools have for graduation, and most colleges have for admissions.

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Students & Schools We Work With

Since 2016 we’ve been serving students and schools from all over the country. From traditional students, to home school students. Small schools and large. Public and private high schools.

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