Frequently Asked Questions

We have both!  If you have a preference we can usually accommodate.

Students are able to enroll in our class at any time throughout the year.  Students will finish the class based on when they get through all course materials.

We don’t have class times in the traditional sense i.e. every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00pm.  Our course design allows for completion of course materials in a self-paced format. For more information about the structure of the course refer to our Student Experience and Live Learning Opportunities tabs.

That’s up to you!  You’re finished with the class once you complete all the course materials.  We have students who finish in as little as 3 months, but the average time to complete is between 6-9 months. 

You can take this class anywhere you have an internet connection and study time.  Take the class in school, at home, or both.  Take it over the summer, or during the school year.  The choice is yours.

Students are assessed on both their comprehension of ASL, along with their production of ASL, meaning feedback is provided by our Learning Facilitators. Review our course syllabus for more details of how students are assessed.

You are assessed in a variety of ways, and tests are one of those ways.  Tests can be taken twice, and the average of the two scores is used to generate your grade.

All students with ASL Virtual Academy are assigned a Learning Facilitator.  You can think of them as your teacher, we just have a different name for them.  They’re your main point of contact providing your grades, feedback, and encouragement throughout the course.

We provide a very detailed grade report upon completion of the class, along with emailing bi-weekly grade reports.  See our Grade Reports and Accountability tab for more information.

Yes, many of our students will take our class as an independent study.  Independent study does not mean you’re all alone!  The class is dynamic in nature having you comprehend, and produce ASL, while getting feedback on your skills.

We love questions!  Questions mean you’re engaged in the class and putting your best foot forward.  At any time you can reach out to your Learning Facilitator via email, text, or our video question board and get a speedy, informative answer. 

We are NOT currently accredited.  However, we are working through the accreditation process with Cognia and are optimistic we will obtain full accreditation.  Lack of accreditation does NOT mean you can’t earn foreign language credit for taking this class.  Credit is still earned by nearly all of our enrolled students and is awarded by your high school.

Sometimes.  Don’t be discouraged if your school requires outside education providers (like us) to be accredited.  We’ve had many schools who require accreditation decide to grant credit for our class after reviewing the syllabus, and determining we provide a quality academic experience.  It doesn’t hurt to show your school our website, syllabus, etc for an independent review.  They may decide to grant credit!  If not, check back with us periodically to see when we announce accreditation status.

We do not have a textbook requirement for the class.  Course content has influence from some popular ASL textbooks, however, the content is original and unique to ASL Virtual Academy.  All course materials are located online. 

No, there are no minimum enrollments.  If you’re a single student interested in enrolling you can.  Schools with 1 or 2, 5, 10, 20, 50+ students can enroll as well.

Payment for the class is often made by parents purchasing our class for the student.  However, check with your school because they will sometimes pay the enrollment fee when they decide to formally offer the class to the school. 

The cost of our class includes an enrollment fee of $397, plus a $29.99 fee paid to a third party for a video sharing platform.  Total cost of the class is $426.99 paid once. For more details on pricing see our enroll now page.
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