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Enroll in our ASL classes at any time

Enroll in our ASL classes at any time!  We have an open enrollment for our self-paced courses, so you can start and finish the class at any time throughout the year.  We also offer guided path classes with specific start and finish dates. You can enroll in any one of our courses including our Exploratory course, high school courses, and college courses.  See a feature summary below, and enroll today!
Course Details Exploratory Course High School Courses College/Dual Credit Courses
ASL Level 1
ASL Level 2
ASL Level 3
College credit or dual credit
High school credit *
Earn a letter grade
36 week curriculum length
Able to finish faster than 36 weeks
Guided Path option (specific course start and finish dates)
Self-Paced option (start and finish course anytime)
24/7 access to course materials
Qualified ASL teacher supervises student progress throughout course
Opportunitiy to meet with ASL teacher via Zoom for office hours and additional support
Practice ASL with Deaf native signers via Zoom
Credit conveyance Certificate of completion Accredited college transcript
When is credit awarded? No credit issued At course completion At official course end date
Course Expiration 12 months from starting 12 months from starting At offiical course end date
Enrollment fee $117 $427 $697

*Prior approval from your high school is required

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